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      Expert resources

             Since its establishment, Huawei Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd has given first priority to talent in its development process. With the continuous expansion of its businesses, it not only provides the public with safe, effective and economical pharmaceutical products, provide medical institutions with quality services, and contributes scientific solutions to enhance the value of enterprises, but also gives technical services to experts who support the development of the Company’s career. After years of sincere cooperation and experience sharing, the Company has gathered a batch of national experts in clinical medicine, pharmacy, hospital management, health economics and other fields, which has laid a solid guarantee of talent resources to the Company’s future development and partner progress.

      • Pay attention to talent development
      • Provide technical services to experts
      • It has gathered a large number of expert resources

      Social group

            As an important part of political life in contemporary China, social group in pharmaceutical and healthy communities greatly affects the construction of Healthy China and the reformation of Chinese pharmaceutical and health system. Around the goal of business development, Huawei Pharmaceutical Group has actively participated in the work of relevant pharmaceutical and healthy associations and societies with certain support. Through mutual work exchanges, it has established strategic partnerships with them.

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